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from Universal Nut (1995) by Thunderegg



It’s a complex world and you can’t make generalizations, unless they’re true. My life had been a non-stop chain of hesitation, till I met you. You took me on, you proved me wrong, you made me strong, then you were gone. So am I what I was when I was with you or with¬out you, or am I just alone?

I can’t remember if I ever knew you, but you’re always on my mind. I tried to run, I tried to catch up to you, but I just got left behind, Xantippe.

There is no satisfaction in satisfaction, because you always want more. You have a reac¬tion before I’ve even made my action, so what am I here for? Some day we’ll meet again when all is forgotten and all is well. I’ll say I missed you, I want you, I need you, I love you, oh sorry, I thought you were someone else.


from Universal Nut (1995), released September 19, 1995




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