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When the Cables Break

from Sweetest One (2004) by Thunderegg



Maybe tabling the arrangement couldn't save me from a face-off with the way that I've always been. Probably better if I'd let her have her way and started settling in. I thought our record of discretion would have only led to questions far too hard for me to tell the truth. But they're still easier to answer than if you've got no one to answer to. Sometimes you are the occupied, with your pretty countryside carved up in some room. But the underground will thrive as the citizens defy the order of the troops. When the cables break and what was stable quakes, and the subway trains start to fly, will the hand of fate, built of all our faith, catch us falling out of the sky? I'm not afraid. I'm not afraid.

As I remember I was nothing but a fortress that September so I'm glad you clarified that I was trembling in the corner with my hands over my eyes. And now that it's all started over, can I offer you my shoulder, can I offer you the proof that I never wanted anybody more than I needed you? Sometimes you are the afterlife, while those around you testify they'll join up with you soon. And all along you wonder why someone would choose to stand in line when no one told them to. When the cables break and what was stable quakes, as we knew that they would all along, will it be too late for men like me to pray, and for me to say that I was wrong? I'm not afraid. I'm not afraid.


from Sweetest One (2004), released October 19, 2004




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