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Wallet Full of Ones

from New England Music (1996) by Thunderegg



Wallet full of ones and I’m rarin’ to hit the town. Buy a couple Little Debbies and a two-liter of Royal Crown. Head out to some hotspot smokin’ Basics with the bouncers, just outside the door. My wallet full of ones keeps bulging in my pocket and it makes me feel pretty secure.

Wallet full of ones, it’s a wallet full of fun. Not enough to rent a tux, but plenty for a Copper Kitchen cheeseburger deluxe. The world is full of cool stuff, and I can do a ton when I’m struttin’ down the street with my wallet full of ones.

I saw Judy on the Avenue but she couldn’t look me in the eye. Her brown eyes were fixed on that fat rectangle at my thigh. Well, she asked me out to coffee, but I said no just to keep her in suspense. Then I walked to Sam Goody, bought a new compact disc, and now I’m wondering where my money went.

Wallet full of ones, it’s a deal that’s been done. My pants are back hanging the way they used to back when, there’s a lot of worse fates than a wallet that’s thin, and I’ll just put out the tip jar when my shift starts at ten. When I punch out at six you can be certain I’ll walk out with a wallet full of ones again.


from New England Music (1996), released May 21, 1996




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