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Rosasharn of the subway car, when you step off and leave me to vanish into the dark, are you walking home to be in somebody’s arms? Rosasharn, with no left hand ring that I can see so far. If I speak, don’t be alarmed. I’m incapable of causing harm. And if we were to speak, I’ve thought of dozens of things to say, two stops too late, you’d already walked off the train. Would have asked you if your book was ok, I would have offered you grapes.

Rosasharn, talking to no one at the bar. Should I ask you if you want to play darts? Or should I make myself sparse? Well, maybe I stepped off the train a little sooner than I usually do. And maybe I did it so that I could follow you. I’m an out-of-practice talker, I’m a chasing speed walker, a non-practicing rocker, but I am not a stalker, and I have feelings, too.

Rosasharn, nice to finally meet you in the park. I hope I didn’t take it too far. I’m incapable of causing harm.


from Personnel Envelo​-​file (1997), released February 18, 1997




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