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Plaza Song

from Sweetest One (2004) by Thunderegg



The call to cut down on reflection and get some direction was not borne from an entirely ungenerous mind, but I just sat there hurtin', overburdening the wording, till I finally just had to give it up to the rhyme. Guess everybody has one, but I've had me a bad run, it's been riding my ass for such a long time. The pages I'm turning, I ought to be burning, and listening to the music that plays deep inside. You look like you saw me yesterday, you look like you saw who I might be. You didn't have to look so disappointed. You could have tried to look past the past that wasn't me.

The one thing he produces is tons of excuses, but he sat by the fountain because he promised someone he wouldn't try to get up till the soldiers were set up, he wouldn't pause from the plaza till the battle had begun. When I had no suspicion that anyone would listen, there was only one person that I had to please. But he became a hard-on with a great big star on his breast and I knew that it'd be best if I'd leave. Where do things go that might have been? So strange how they don't just cease to be, but take what is, and plot to destroy it. Hold fast, outlast it, one day we all will be free.

Thanks a lot for taking off and leaving me to talk to the cops, you'd think you'd treat someone more generously. But you gave me everything, even what I avoided, so I could look back and get past the past and start making peace.


from Sweetest One (2004), released October 19, 2004




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