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Of Such Is the Kingdom of Heaven

from Thunderegg (1997) by Thunderegg



You didn’t have to coat your throat with chocolate before you sang. You didn’t have to get all set to jet so long before the alarm rang. It’s no reason to get all sad. You’ll find out what you could have had. It will float up to reckon while the rest remains leaden. Of such is the kingdom of heaven.

He knows certain gals who take him on the town for some late night thrills. But at three a.m. guess who’s looking for his pals and footing the bill? It’s not good or bad, it’s just your luck. Three beers and company are worth a hundred bucks. Now throw some cold water on the engine that’s revvin’. Of such is the kingdom of heaven.

Now look what you done when you set phasers to stun, not that you will. Better to just be and leave me in deep freeze, I wish you’d set them to kill. The worst is that I still can see, and you’re yawning when you visit me. If you can give a hundred and ten percent, you can give one-eleven. Of such is the kingdom of heaven.

There are two convenience stores, catty-corner, I don’t know which to patronize. One costs too much and one’s a front for number-running wise guys. I only wanted a loaf of bread. I got a blackjack on the back of the head. And woke up in a daze at President and Nevins, of such is the kingdom of heaven.

I thought both were candidates till I saw wonder twin powers activate. Chances for a date have turned to none or a threesome, not that that’s a complaint. You’re so beautiful that it bugs me. Why can’t you be a little more ugly? And I may be half-baked, but at least I’m not half-leavened. Of such is the kingdom of heaven.

Don’t sell me any more of your lies or cries unless there’s a prize inside. I’m sick and tired of being inquired about the fire that’s burning me alive. Was it something you lit on purpose, or did I commit arson to collect the insurance? It will soon be settled when we sift through all the remnants, of such is the kingdom of heaven.


from Thunderegg (1997), released November 18, 1997




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