My Heart Is Saturn (demo)

from by Thunderegg



Recorded May 10, 2005, for week 19 of the Song of the Week project.


The Dream Machine tells me it’s three minutes to one. I’d been reading those green letters since three past eleven. And I got all cosmic as I watched the clock tick off minutes from my years when I only arrived here yesterday. (Or whatever the sayings say.) We were created as gleams of the sun, but then a great big blackness poured down to separate everyone, as if all the light were jettisoned.

It seems that I have seen all that I want to see to be convinced that I’ve stumbled on heaven. I once thought I was all alone, I once thought I didn’t need anything, but my heart is Saturn and baby, you are its rings.


from Spent Butane (1999), released September 7, 1999




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