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Many days have fallen behind me so now I’m inches from doom. I can’t say that I’m faster than time, but recently can be closer than soon. Anywhere I see lowered blinds means I’ve finally found your room. I’ve come too late to make you mine, but that doesn’t mean that baby, I still won’t do everything for you.

No introductions ever were made, technically we left off the same as we came, except visions of you have burned into my brain. I do everything for you though I know I’ll never see you again.

I sunk my name in a silver bottle to see if it would float, and every day I look at the bottom to remind myself what I wrote. Every morning I wake up and wonder if today’s the day. I haven’t seen her since the F line last summer, I got off on Broadway, she stayed on the train.


from Personnel Envelo​-​file (1997), released February 18, 1997




Thunderegg San Francisco, California

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