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Endless Screw

from Thunderegg (1997) by Thunderegg



Why don’t you ever play with your dog? He doesn’t even know you. You sneak home late along the edge of the lawn, his teeth he still does show you. You never gave him no water, never gave him no meat, and still expected him to protect you. He ran away and years later, you saw him down at the beach. He pretended to forget you.

It’s an endless screw spinning forever and ever around and around you.

You estimated it’d be belated, but I procrastinated, too. I thought it’d finally happen when you moved to Manhattan, but it never did, boo hoo. There are different kinds of faith and there are different kinds of truth, I got stuck in the express lane of the milk and honey route. I shot past the off ramp that would have taken me to you, aimed my dashboard at the night and asphalt of the endless screw.

When you took my hand at the party, I was never gonna let it go, then you guided it to shake with the man who stood in your shadow. It isn’t funny that you’re hanging with a joke. It isn’t funny you’re still lovely when you’re dancing with him slow.

I may never have you, but I have the dog that once was yours, and I named him Rover. And I felt more fruitful than anyone who’s ever even had fruit has felt before. Looked like things were gonna blow over. But everything was anchored by precalculated damage, till I wished upon a plane and it turned out to be a planet. Like before with the fuzz ball, we know it won’t come true. It’ll just spin in eternal orbit along the endless screw.


from Thunderegg (1997), released November 18, 1997




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