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Christina Stopped Playing Her Violin

from Thunderegg (1997) by Thunderegg



Well, Christina, it’s been a long, long, time, and isn’t getting any shorter. Prom pictures are still looking pretty fine, but they’re frayed around the corners. Christina, I tried to call you the other night, but then I hung up on your boarder. I had a heart attack, almost cracked, and finally got my courage back, but by then I’d run out of quarters. Christina, there’s a pain in my heart I’ve had to get used to. Christina, don’t make me start remembering how much I miss you. It will all come flooding back, like the sound of your violin floating on the wind. You used to practice in your bedroom window and I would watch, hiding behind your mom’s flower pots. Oh, Christina, it used to matter to you, but oh, Christina, I once did, too.

Christina stopped playing her violin, she doesn’t think it’s important. Christina’s got a boyfriend in the east, but it’s not me, it just should be.

Remember when we’d go walking in the woods out by the lake, and we would wonder if the creepers ever could support our weight. Remember when I jumped one just like Tarzan might, then I dropped just like a boulder. I guess the lesson was that every blessing should be checked at points of stress, but look what I put on your shoulders. Christina, we used to talk all night at whispering volumes. Christina, and now I’m afraid to even try to call you. We were only seventeen, but was it real, or was it just me? The music drifted out into the street. I was hypnotized by my love and my pride. Oh, Christina, it used to matter to you, and oh, Christina, I once did, too.


from Thunderegg (1997), released November 18, 1997




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