Open Book: The Collected Thunderegg, 1995-2004

from Thunderegg

So here it is, what put Thunderegg on the map: 213 songs, 523 minutes of mp3 files, on a single data CD. The collected Thunderegg from 1995 to 2004, all recorded to four-track cassette and freshly mastered to sound better than you've ever heard it before. This package comprises the first eight Thunderegg albums (two of which are available here and here only), including classics like "If I Went on a Diet," "Keep It with You," "Cop on a Horse," "You Showed Them to Me"'s impossible to name them all here. Plus you get bonus tracks, album notes, and a beautiful 108-page illustrated lyric book. Signed and numbered in a self-produced limited edition. The best bang for your music buck anywhere.

"Georgantas’s melodies sound effortlessly executed, like he simply exhales, or stumbles upon while playing his guitar or keyboard, unusually catchy and inviting tidbits. His lyrics are wordy but unpretentious, clever but not grating, and natural-sounding enough for entire verses to go by at times before the listener realizes he’s actually rhyming." —the New Haven Advocate

"I've sat down and listened to almost the entire collection and I implore you, this is a must own." —the Perm & the Skullet

"Will Georgantas, he who essentially is Thunderegg, has true melodic gift and a wry, humourous (but not jokey) lyrical touch. I don’t know how long it’ll take me, but I intend of someday getting through everything here on the CD. We should all leave a legacy on this world so impressive." —Chromewaves

"Every one of these older releases shows a wealth of catchy songs brimming over with clever lyrics, and despite the limited recording facilities there's plenty of imagination in the arrangements to draw you in and hold your interest." —Turquoise Days

"Open Book comes with a 108-page booklet of lyrics and fun drawings, and I'll just find myself reading it. Sometimes with the music, sometimes not. The lyrics read like a story." —Musings of an Indie Kid

And here's a review of Open Book in the esteemed Trouser Press:

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