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July 2003, the Shed, Manchester, CT

I am on the mini futon sofa in the control room in the Shed in Manchester, Connecticut, sometime between 2000, when we started recording our debut full-band breakthrough, A Very Fine Sample of What’s Available at the Mine, and 2005, when we finished. Many great bands take five years to record an album. Just look at the Stone Roses. The refrigerator switches on periodically and causes a power surge, the lights swooning briefly. Once in a while you’d hear that click on the recording, but it was a small cost for keeping the thirty-pack of High Life cold. Natron and I are in repose, the day either done or not yet started; either way, he has just stepped back inside after enjoying a Black & Mild on the porch, and I have just gotten good and high to sharpen my creative faculties to a lethally incisive point. Jake will come around later. We listen to the playback as I flip through a Playboy and set the bottom of my foot flat against the wall in the tiny room, within the shoe-shaped outline that somebody already helpfully traced there with a Sharpie. We talk of the Egg’s next ventures, of the rise we see so clearly before us. We are young hitmakers. A label would surely want to get involved, and furthermore this song, I say, is ripe for a video. We’ll put it together at my parents’ house in Nantucket in the summer, everybody dressed in white like Nelly would do it. Couples dancing as the sun set, gin and tonics, croquet, happy good-looking people. My little cousin Matt? He would film it. He’d probably even do it for free. He was just a kid in art school, and I was like a god to him. Who wouldn’t want to hang with his rock-star cousin?



Everyman knows everything and Everyman’s a fool, but Everyman’s got a whole new thing [sic] coming for when he meets the likes of you. You defy all known statistics and what I pin on you. You’re an atheistic mystic, a sugar-free sweet tooth. What was I gonna do? You’re fading in the distance. You ran away, should I be chasing you? What was I gonna do?

If I had to buy you a present, I wonder what I’d choose, for I should give you nothing if I believed in the Golden Rule. I’m cutting tighter and tighter circles. When I drop over I come in twos: the rabbit and the turtle, I don’t know which one of us you refuse. What was I gonna do? You’re fading in the distance. You ran away, should I be chasing you? What was I gonna do?

Let’s go down to the seashore or to the Delaware Water Gap. Forget all that came before and what’s coming down the track. When I’m lying, I’ll tell you that I’m lying so even lies will be true, and in the still of the night I’ll tell you that I’m dying, dying, dying, dying over you. What was I gonna do? You’re fading in the distance. You ran away, should I be chasing you? What was I gonna do?


from Thunderegg History Unit, Volume 1 (2012), released March 6, 2012
Originally on A Very Fine Sample of What's Available at the Mine (2005). Jake Fournier, bass; Will Georgantas, vocals and guitar; Keith Woodfin, drums; Tom Colligan, guitar. Recorded by Nathan Gohla at the Shed, Manchester, CT.




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